About Us

Simply Jaspers Ltd supply and manufacture high quality natural dog foods in the UK.

We are a family run business with many years of quality pet food manufacturing experience.

Jaspers Nutrition Chicken & Butternut Squash 

It is our belief that, central to the health of your pet, is the quality of the food and treats that they are fed on.

Our recipes are prepared by independent leading UK nutritionists whose belief is to formulate a food that balances your pets’ daily diet, in order to do this we have formulated a food together with our natural treats help support a healthy pet which in turn makes for a happy dog and its owner.

Jaspers Nutrition Chicken and Butternut Squash has been confirmed by nutritionists that it is suitable for all life stages. This means that this product can be fed to puppies, adult dogs and senior dogs alike. What makes this product so special is the fact that as far as we are aware, this is the only dog food that is universally suitable.

By using our unique feeding guide, you will be able to determine the correct amount of food for you your pet, dependent on how active their lifestyle is, therefore ensuring that they maintain their optimum weight level, whilst saving you the owner money on not over-feeding.

 Our Dog food recipe consists of:

NO Cereals, Grains, Soya or Dairy.

NO Additives.

Gluten Free.

NO By-products.

All Natural Ingredients.

48% Chicken of which 20% is Fresh Meat.


Jaspers Nutrition Plaque Crackers

Jaspers Plaque Cracker is a new and unique dog treat variety, made from cottage cheese with the lactose removed and produced using only five natural ingredients.

The Jaspers Nutrition Plaque Cracker helps combat the build up of tartar, and in the prevention of gingivitis. Suitable for allergy sufferers, the Plaque Cracker is also low in calories, as well as including the following benefits:


No additives or colourants.

Gluten free.

Helps breakdown plaque.

Aids fresh breath.

5 ingredients, all natural.

Low in calories.

Helps prevent gingivitis.

Suitable for allergy sufferers.

Suitable for all ages and breeds of dog.

The Jaspers Nutrition Plaque Cracker treat comes in a range that suits all sizes, breeds and ages, there is even a treat for the relentless chewer! 

Do you want to know more about Jaspers and how we can help you with your dog food needs? Why not give us a call for a friendly response on 01983 885067 to ask any questions you may have. We promise not to bite :)